Phenotypic Stability of nine maize (zea mays L.) Varieties in west Malaysia

Parent Category: 1978

Wong Lock Jam 


Nine maize varieties were evaluated over six environments. In most cases the differences between varieties in each environments were marked. However, variety x environment (linear) interactions was not significant. Kisan, Bogor Comp. 2 and Metro were found to be stable varieties with b= 1.0 and having minimum mean squares for deviation. Of the three varieties, Bogor, Comp. 2 gave the highest mean yield, 17.6% higher than the overall mean.The unstable group comprised Guatemala (PB 5) and Jawahar, having bi <1.0 and College White x Tuxpeno,

UPCA Var 1, 2 & 4 having bi<I.0. Mean yields and regression coefficients of varieties were found to be highly related.

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