Quality of fish fillet from pond-raised red tilapia and its utilisation in the development of value-added product

Parent Category: 2009

A. Che Rohani, O. Normah, T. Zahrah, C.M. Che Utama and I. Saadiah


The eating quality, fillet yield, protein and fat contents of pond-raised red tilapia were evaluated. The effects of water depuration process on the removal of muddy taste and the development of a value-added product were also studied. The skinon fillet yield ranged 32–33% while the protein and fat contents of the fillets ranged 16–17% and 1–4% respectively. The fillet yield and protein content were not significantly (p >0.05) affected by the types of feed. However, the fat content of tilapia fed with the commercial feed and traditional feed were significantly higher (p <0.05) than those fed on formulated feeds with and without vitamin E. No depuration was required for fish fed with formulated feeds. Fish fed on commercial and traditional feed need at least 8 h of water depuration process to leach out the muddy taste and increase their acceptability. Geosmin was not detected in all samples. Tilapia fillet battered with tempura battermix comprising 62% wheat flour, 30% corn starch and 8% rice flour was the most acceptable.

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