Effect of supplementary formic and lactic acid mixtures on egg production, feed conversion ratio and egg quality of layers

Parent Category: 2009

H.K. Wong, M. Mardhati and M. Wan Zahari


Two experiments with Lohmann brown layers (30 and 43 weeks old, respectively) were conducted to evaluate the effects of varying organic acid mixtures (formic and lactic acid; OA) on egg production, feed conversion and egg quality. Each experiment was of 6 weeks duration. Treatments were the same in both studies and consisted of the following five dietary treatments: A: control diet, B: control diet supplemented with 0.15% organic acid mixture (OA), C: control diet supplemented with 0.30% OA, D: control diet supplemented with 0.45% OA and E: control diet supplemented with 0.60% OA. In period 1 and 2, supplementation with OA mixture had no significant effect on feed intake, egg weight and Haugh reading for all treatments. Combined analysis of data for both periods showed that supplementation with OA mixture at the 0.6% level significantly improved egg production, mean and total egg weight and improved feed efficiency compared to the control. There were no improvements in Haugh reading and egg shell thickness with OA supplementation. There is a trend towards higher egg production, better FCR and more efficient use of ME and CP for egg production with OA inclusion especially at levels of 0.60%.

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