Guide to Reviewers

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  1. Reviewers must treat the paper as confidential. The paper should not be retained or copied.
  2. Reviewers should not cite the paper, refer to the work, disseminate or divulge the information in the manuscript to any third party before the paper is published.
  3. Reviewers should refrain from using information in the paper for the advancement of own research.
  4. Reviewers should adopt a positive and impartial attitude towards the paper under review with the aim of promoting accurate scientific communication.
  5. If reviewers suspect misconduct in the manuscript being reviewed, please notify the editor in confidence, and should not share own concern with other parties.
  6. If reviewers cannot review the paper, please return it immediately to the editor, with explanation.
  7. If reviewers know they cannot finish the review within the given time (usually 3 weeks), please inform the editor as soon as possible so she can determine whether a longer time period is needed or a new reviewer should be chosen.
  8. Reviewers’ recommendation are gratefully received by the editor, however, since editorial decisions are usually based on evaluations derived from several sources, reviewers should not expect the editor to honour every recommendation.
  9. Papers are often sent back to reviewers to make certain that the changes have been made. If reviewer wishes to see the corrected paper, he/she should indicate this to the editor.
  10. A reviewer must not discuss a paper with its author and unintentionally make him/her believe that his/her paper will be accepted. This is because the other reviewer and the editor may have different opinions.
  11. Reviewers are not requested to correct mistakes in grammar, but any help in clarifying meaning is appreciated.
  12. The responsibility for acceptance and rejection of the paper lies with the editor.
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