A simple preservation system for extending the shelf-life of tofu
Testosterone response to synthetic gonadotropin releasing hormone injection in Sahiwal-Friesian crossbred bulls
Improvement on storage of banana ( Musa sp. cv. Mas) under modified atmosphere
Effects of sheep grazing on the productivity, species changes andsuccession in native forages under mango
Problems and prospects of using Sephacryl S-200 for separation of cellulase and xylanase complexes of Coprinus cinereus
The influence of age on semen parameters, libido and mating behaviour of Siamese Long Tail sheep
Shelf-life study of freeze dried ‘sambal tumis bilis’
Rooting pattern and distribution of absorbing roots of papaya (Carica papaya L.) var. Eksotika
Toxicity and palatability of scilliroside to Rattus argentiventer
Preliminary findings on active root distribution of pepper on different supports using 32P tracer
In vitro production of multiple shoots in papaya as affected by plant tissue maturity and genotype
Growth pattern for body weight of straightbred and crossbred Kedah-Kelantan cattle
Effects of precooling, ethylene absorbent and partial evacuation of air on storage of banana (Musa sp. cv. Berangan) under modified atmosphere
Selection of cassava clones for high fresh root yield and root starch content with stability of performance under Malaysian conditions†
Carcase yield and edible component parts of pheasants
Spatial pattern analysis of weeds in selected rice fields of Samarahan, Sarawak
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