Effect of varying nitrogen levels on plant sap characteristics and growth performance of tomato (Lycopercisum esculentum var. baccarat)
Application of spectroscopic method to predict sugar content of sugarcane internodes
Mechanical and physical properties of urea-formaldehyde bonded kenaf core particle boards
Development of formulations for meat pickle
Isolation and virion morphology classification of coliphages from local foods
Determination of antioxidant activities of dried kacangma (Leonurus sibiricus) extract in three bioassay systems
Genetic analysis of nutritional quality traits in milled kernels of hybrid rice based on the additive-dominance model
A new approach for reduction of chemical compounds causing undesirable odour in Morinda citrifolia fruit juice
Identification of phytochemicals and the associated genes in Eksotika papaya at ripening index 5 using functional genomics
A study of major prolificacy genes in Malin and Dorper sheep in Malaysia
Improved in vitro propagation of Curcuma caesia, a valuable medicinal plant
Application of agro-waste compositional data to predict composting efficiency
Effect of drying and cooking methods on antioxidant properties of bitter gourd (Momordica charantia)
Allelopathic effects of sunflower leaf extract and selected pre-emergence herbicides on barnyardgrass
Effects of aging on physico-chemical properties, nutritional compositions and cooking characteristics of Bario rice
Identification and characterisation of Bacillus subtilis as cellulase-producing bacteria
Acid hydrolysis of fenugreek gum and its molecular weight determination using size exclusion chromatography
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