Paratylenchus sp. associated with pineapple yield decline
Image processing and analysis techniques for estimating weight of Chokanan mangoes
The allelopathic potential of several rice varieties on barnyard grass (Echinochloa crus-galli L. Beauv.)
Synthesis and identification of furfural from rice straw
Isolation and screening of actinomycetes from Malaysian soil for their enzymatic and antimicrobial activities
Screening for cellulase activities in actinomycetes isolated from different locations of Peninsular Malaysia
Induction and morphogenesis of Phalaenopsis callus
Optimization of submerged culture for the production of Lentinula edodes mycelia biomass and amino acid composition by different temperatures
Evaluation of freeze-concentrated sugar-cane juice
Effect of various coatings on the chemical changes of different pineapple cultivars (N36 and Gandul) at low temperature storage
The physico-chemical properties and nutritional composition of rice bran produced at different milling degrees of rice
Antioxidant activity, total phenolic content and cytotoxic activity of various types of eggplants
Effect of sodium diacetate and/or sodium lactate on binding stability of restructured turkey steak
Quality of papaya in modified atmosphere packages under simulated storage condition for export by sea
Effect of different Fruitone concentrations on the physical characteristics and postharvest physiological 59disorder of cold stored pineapple
Irradiation-induced variations in M2 populations of Eksotika papaya
Effect of different potting media on growth of a hanging ornamental plant (Tradescantia sp.)
Effect of organic and inorganic fertilizers on growth, yield and nutrient content of bird chilli (Capsicum frutescence)
Evaluation of yield and fruit quality traits of eight selected starfruit clones
Selection of yellow Dendrobium orchid flowers as potential cut flower hybrids
Effect of planting density on growth and biomass yields of two dukung anak species, Phyllanthus debilis and Phyllanthus urinaria, grown on alluvial soil
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