Natural ventilation by stack effect in multi-span tropical greenhouse structures
Simulation of the natural ventilation on scale model of a livestock house: Determination of airflow pattern in a water table
Critical period for weedy rice control in direct-seeded rice
Weed flora landscapes of the Muda rice granary in the new millennium: A descriptive an
Evaluation on the effects of sex on growth and carcass characteristics of broilers
Identification of furfural synthesized from pentosan in rice husk
Characterization of humic acid extracted from solid fermentation of rice straw using Trichoderma viride and Phanerochaete chrysosporium
Kinetics of red pigment fermentation in 2-litre stirred tank fermenter using different types and concentrations of carbon sources
Effect of processing treatments on the colour of dokong (Lansium domesticum Corr.) juice
Effect of waxing on the quality of limau madu (Citrus reticulate) during storage at 25 and 10 °C
Effect of inpackage temperature and relative humidity on quality of minimally processed limau madu (Citrus reticulate) stored at 25 and 10 °C
Effects of sodium lactate and/or potassium lactate on the microbial and sensory quality of beef frankfurter
Antimicrobial activity of flavonoid extracts from Sabah tea (Camellia sinensis) against Escherichia coli and Listeria monocytogenes
Effect of modified atmosphere packaging and potassium sorbate on chemical, microbiological and sensorial properties of grouper (Epinephelus sp.) fillets
Interactive effect of carboxymethyl cellulose and sodium bicarbonate on moisture and oil migration in fried banana
Effects of kacangma herb (Leonurus sibiricus) intake on blood chemistry, clinical pathology, body and organ weight changes in rabbit
Selection of sweetpotato clones with high ß-carotene for processing of nutritious food products
Selection of sweetpotato clones for flour production
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