Some aspects of climatic adaptation of exotic sheep in Malaysia

Parent Category: 1988

S. Abdul Wahid. M.A. Dollah and M.Y. Jaafar


A study was conducted for 8 months to determine the adaptability of imported temperate breeds of sheep, Dorset Horn (DH) and Poll Dorset (PD), to tropical climate of Malaysia. The results were compared to the Malaysian indigenous sheep (Malin). The adaptability was determine by  measuring the physiological parameters i.e. rectal temperature, respiration rate, pulse rate, feed intake and water intake. The afternoon temperature increased the respiration rate and rectal temperature (p<0.05) but not the cardiac function (pulse rate) (p>0.05). There was variation among the breeds of sheep with PD recording higher values. Compared to DH and Malin, PD consumed less feed and water. It was observed that the adaptability were good ,than that of PD. Although growth and adaptability were good. The reproductive performance of DH was very poor compared to that of Malin.

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