Nutritive value and rumen fermentation profile of sheep fed on fresh or dried cocoa pod husk-based diets

Parent Category: 1988

H.K. Wong and O. Abu Hassan


The results of feed intake. nutritive value and rumen volatile fatty acids (VFA) production in sheep fed with fresh cocoa pod husk (FCH) ration or dried cocoa pod husk (DCH) ration arc reported. The average daily dry matter intake and theobromine intake of FCII and DCH rations were not significantly different and caused no adverse effect in sheep. FCH has higher nutritive value than DCH. The digestibility of dry matter. organic matter . crude fibre, nitrogen free extract. energy and crude protein were significantly different between the FCH and DCH rations. Nitrogen retention in FCH and DCH rations was 17.0% and 12.2% respectively. The mean rumen
concentrations of total VFA (mM) acetate.  propionate and butyrate. pH and non-glucogenic ratio were 84.9, 56.18, 2 and 9.3 mM. 6.5 - r and 4.0 for the FCH ration while the corresponding values were t 85.3, 57.6, 16.2 and 9.3 mM. 6.6 and 4.1 for the DCH ration. Differences between rations were not significant.

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