Differential compatibility in a diallel cross involving three groups of pineaple [Ananas comosus L. (MERR.)]

Parent Category: 1986

Y. K. Chan


A complete diallel involving the Cayenne, Spanish. Queen and an F, selection from a hybrid between Spanish and Cayenne, was carried out to study the differential seed set and compatibility between the crosses. All genotypes were self-incompatible while the crosses showed differential seed set influenced by female and male sources and their interaction. Depending on the cross, seed set ranged from six seeds to 478 seeds/kg of fruit. Further, one-way compatibility was found for two sets of crosses involving the Hybrid female with Queen and with Spanish. Application of the results from this experiment in terms of ascertaining the direction of cross between two parents in pineapple hybridization as well as the danger of mixed cropping of highly compatible varieties which may produce seedy fruits were discussed.

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