Kesan pemakanan kulit kopi pada ciri karkas lembu jantan kacukan (Lid x red dane)

Parent Category: 1986

K. Musaddin, I. Mohd . Sukri dan I. Dahlan


A study was conducted to evaluate the effect of rations containing 20%,40% and 60% coffee pulp on the carcass performance of young LID x Red Dane bulls. A.s a control, a group of animals were fed 100% napier grass (Pennisetum purpureum). The crude protein contents of the rations and napier grass were 11.2%-12.7% and 9.3% respectively with gross energy contents of 2.8-3.4 and 3.6 kcal /kg respectively. After 322 days on these rations, a total of 12 animals were slaughtered to evaluate their body composition and carcass characteristics. The results indicated that bulls that were onthe20o/o coffee pulp ration yielded higher (P<0.05) dressing percentage, carcass weight . total meat and total edible tissue than the other groups. The values of these variables for the animals that were on the 20% coffee pulp ration were 57.0%,132.2,85.7 and
l0S.0kg respectively. Animal s that were on100% napier grass produced 54.8%, 92.3, 58.2 and 75.7kg respectively.

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