Effect of water on growth and nutrient uptake of pineapple

Parent Category: 1974

T.H. Tay


Vegetative growth of the Masmerah pineapple responded signi ficantly to increasing levels of watering. In the development of plant height 0.8 cm rainlfall equivalent was optimum while leaf number increment was most responsive with 1.6 cm rainfall equivalent. Increasing frequency of watering was also observed to enhance vegetative growth. Waterlogging was found to affect growth and nutrient uptake adversely.The optimum water-table for pineapple growth was noted to be at 48 cm from the soil surface. Favourable nutrient uptake was observed to occur when the water table was maintained in the range of 30-50 cm from the soil surface . Drought and waterlogging retarded natural flowering while increasing watering frequency was observed to enhance it. With the treatment of 0.8 cm rainfall equivalent, the response to flower induction was better. At the same time it was observed  that this water regime was most conducive for natural flowering. The mean fruit weight, lenght and diameter responded significantly to water treatments.The optimum watering level for development of these three parameters was 0.8 cm rainfall equivalent.Watering frequency had no statistically significant effect on mean fruit weight, lenght and diameter.Watering levels and frequency had no statistically significant effect on the first sugar and acid contents.

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