Isolation and bioprospecting of actinomycetes isolated from Ayer Keroh 55 Recreational Park, Malaysia
Apparent soil electrical conductivity as an indicator of paddy soil productivity
Field evaluation of two machine navigation systems for variable rate application
Environmental patterns under rain shelter for strategic environmental control in a tropical greenhouse
Preliminary screening of endophytic fungi isolated from medicinal plants in MARDI Sessang, Sarawak for their bioactivity
Volatile compounds of esssential oil from different stages of Michelia alba (cempaka putih) flower development
Toxicological evaluation of dried kacangma (Leonurus sibiricus) in rats: II. Haematology and histopathology
Development of Morinda citrifolia citrus-flavoured drinks using Response Surface Methodology (RSM)
Hypolipidemic activity of an aqueous extract of Morinda citrifolia fruit in normal and streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats
Effect of packing methods on the quality of minimally processed green citrus cv. limau madu
Effect of processing on physico-chemical characteristics and acceptance of breaded banana
Natural variation and correlation studies of morphological traits in a population of Curcuma amada Roxb
Physical characteristics, nutrient contents and triterpene compounds of ratoon crops of Centella asiatica at three different stages of maturity
Performance of starfruit cv. B10 under netted structure. II. Effect of crop load on exportable yield, fruit size, fruit physical and chemical properties
Performance of starfruit cv. B10 under netted structure. I. Effect of crop load on plant physiological performance and yield
Effects of defoliation (cutting) on forage yield and quality of selected kenaf accessions
Kenaf germplasm introductions and assessment of their adaptability in Malaysia
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