Wood decomposition by the ‘cord-forming’ fungus Resinicium bicolor: interactive effect of home base size and quality with its surrounding soil composition
Performance evaluation of sweetpotato clones through multi-locational trials
Comparative performance of two sweetcorn varieties – Mas Madu and Taiwan Supersweet
Productivity of swamp buffaloes under three production systems
Quality changes in spice-roasted chicken (ayam percik) stored at chill temperature
Improvement of the specific activity of the extracted mycelium-bound lipase of Aspergillus flavus
Rice growth and its indices for nutrient uptake from soils of Muda Irrigation Scheme
Dry matter productivity and nutritive quality of leucaena hybrid lines for high protein feed production
Performance of ostriches fed diets incorporated with oil palm frond as a fibre source
Pertumbuhan kultur ampaian Goniothalamus umbrosus dan penghasilan bahan terbitan strilpiron (SPD)
Effect of heat treatment (accelerated ageing) on the physicochemical and cooking properties of rice at different moisture contents
Preliminary studies on the analysis of fatty acids, essential oils and flavonoids in Acalypha indica L.
Effects of glyphosate on the mortality and shikimic acid level in two goosegrass [Eleusine indica (L.) Gaertn.] biotypes
Egg fatty acid composition, nutrient intake, feed conversion efficiency and egg production of layers fed organic and inorganic chromium supplements
Development of direct competitive enzyme immunoassay kit for the detection of streptomycin residues in chicken meat and feed
Factors affecting conception rate in dairy cows under selected smallholder production system
Cloning and characterization of the 5S rRNA genes from Eimeria spp.
Evaluation of chrysanthemum residue compost for seedling production and cabbage cultivation
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