Interactive effects of shading and nitrogen on the foliage quality and growth of Dracaena godseffiana cv. ‘Florida beauty’.

Parent Category: 1998

A. Yahya and M. S. Mohd. Mokhlas


A study was conducted to evaluate the interactive effects of shade level and N on improvement of foliage quality and growth of Dracaena godseffianacv. ‘Florida beauty’. Young plants were exposed to three shade levels (30, 50 and 70%) and four additional N levels (0, 5, 10 and 15 g urea per container). Heavy shading (70%) enhanced the concentration of leaf chlorophyll. Leaves produced by plants grown under 70% shade had a stronger colour saturation. Additional N increased leaf area and plant dry weight but N did not affect leaf chlorophyll content and leaf colour. Leaf N content increased with increasing N availability. Due to limited supply and a more vigorous growth, leaf P and K contents were lowered under high N conditions. Variations in shading did not affect leaf nutrient concentration.

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