Indigenous alternate fruit for dates: Critical review on the selection criteria for local prophetic fruits in Malaysia

Parent Category: 2020

Aimi Fadzirul Kamarubahrin, Asmaddy Haris, Siti Nurazira Mohd Daud, Zurina Kefeli@ Zulkefli, Nursilah Ahmad, Nurul Aini Muhamed and Syadiyah Abdul Shukor 


This aim of this article was to present indigenous alternate fruits for dates based on critical review of selection criteria for local prophetic fruits in Malaysia. Malaysia produces a wide variety of tropical fruits like mango, watermelon, pineapple, banana, papaya, starfruit and durian. The Malaysian climate is ideal for the production of various tropical fruits, particularly since Peninsular Malaysia rarely experiences monsoon or dryness and therefore, able to increase the capability to boost tropical fruit exports. Islam is the main religion in constitution and the majority of the people are Muslims in Malaysia consuming sunnah fruits such as dates, bananas and figs. Lack of production of dates has caused Malaysia to import large volumes every year. However, Malaysia has a diversity of fruits and listed amongst the prophetic fruits are pumpkin, banana, figs and watermelon. In terms of an alternate for dates, it was necessary to find the nearest local prophetic fruits that had the most similar composition with dates. Thus, there is a potential to highlight before recommendation on policy to promote agronomy productivity and planting of local prophetic fruits.

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