Pickled guava core powder: An application of reprocessed industrial waste for producing high-fibre condiment powder

Parent Category: 2021

Lee A.1*, Khalid K.H.2 and Shamsuddin N.

A study focusing on the potential of reprocessed industrial waste for an application in food product was conducted. A collaborative research with local fruit pickles producers in Penang was done to discover the potential of pickled guava waste (the core). Pickle guava cores (PGC) were procured and processed into dried powder (PGC-powder) using air drying method. Nutritional analysis
on the PGC-powder showed that it contained 55% of insoluble fibre, 8.6% soluble fibre, 9.1% protein and 6.3% fat. The PGC-powder was used to develop high-fibre guava condiment powder (GCP) as an alternative product to the commercially available condiment powder normally used to garnish cut fruits. The nutritional analysis indicated that GCP contained 15 times more insoluble
fibre and two times more soluble fibre than the commercial condiment powder. Sensory evaluations were conducted (N = 110) for attributes including odor, color, taste, texture and overall acceptability. The ANOVA analysis indicated significant difference (p <0.05) in all attributes for GCP and commercial condiment powder, and an overall acceptability, showing that GCP was neither liked or disliked by the panelists. This study has proven that PGC-powder can be used in food products to enhance the nutritional value to benefit human’s health.

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