Dynamic controlled atmosphere storage technique by means of chlorophyll fluorescence extends storage life of Chokanan mango

Parent Category: 2021

W.H. Wan Mohd Reza Ikwan1, S.L. Tham, M. Razali1, R. Nur Azlin1 and A.H. Mohamad

Dynamic controlled atmosphere (DCA) storage technique is a new variation of controlled atmosphere (CA) technique, allowing more extreme O2 setting through the application of a non-destructive monitoring system to assess lowoxygen stress. One of the commercial monitoring systems used for this purpose is by utilizing chlorophyll fluorescence. The present study was carried out to
evaluate the effects of DCA on storage life and quality of Chokanan mango in comparison with conventional or static CA (SCA) and air (control). In general, there were statistically significant differences in all parameters measured from all storage conditions, with DCA exerting the most distinctive effects. DCA has resulted in significantly decreased respiration rate during storage, consequently
delaying the ripening process as well as disease development. Therefore, there was a longer storage life; DCA-stored fruits could be kept up to 7 weeks without risking losses due to anaerobic conditions compared to only 5 and 3 weeks for SCA and air-stored fruits, respectively. Nevertheless, a slight acidity retention after ripening warranted a fine-tuning of this technique to ensure that the storage life extension by DCA would not come at the expense of the flavour profile of Chokanan mango.

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