Improving rice grain yield in KADA by site-specific nutrient management

Parent Category: 2023

NurulNahar, E.*, Shajarutulwardah, M.Y. and Hartinee, A.

Blanket fertilising recommended in KADA may lead to over-fertilising or under-fertilising in some areas. Site-specific nutrient management (SSNM) strategies increase rice grain yield effectively. An experiment at nine different locations was performed in a single factor completely randomised design. The treatments were complete N, P and K fertiliser, P and K fertiliser without the N component, N and K without the P component, N and P without K component and NPK omission altogether. This study aimed to determine the SSNM approaches to gain rice yield in KADA. The parameters taken were yield components and grain yield. SSNM did not influence spikelets/panicle, spikelets/m2 and 1000-grain weight. Complete NPK, NK and NP fertiliser significantly had greater filled grain (%) than NP and without NPK fertilizer. Our results showed that N was the limiting factor for filled grain (%) production. Application of 105 kg N/ha, 44 kg P2O5/ha and 78 kg K2O/ha could increase rice grain yield from 6.0 t/ha to 7.0 t/ha in KADA. Recommendations based on SSNM strategies could solve low grain yield and provide balance and sustainable rice cultivation in KADA.

Keywords: rice, fertiliser recommendations, soil nutrient, site-specific nutrient management

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