Development of track-based system for tractor, paddy transplanter and high clearance prime mover in paddy field

Parent Category: 2023

Adli Fikri, S.* and Khusairy, K.

Soft soil is a major problem that has become a critical issue faced by local farmers. An alternative solution is to use track-based wheels system to reduce the contact pressure on soil surface. A standard 71 kW (95 hp) tractor with a triangular steel track system, a 12.75kW (17 hp) high clearance prime mover were assembled with a triangular wood track system replacing each tyre respectively and a paddy transplanter was assembled with triangular steel track system replacing the rear wheels. For a tractor with 4-wheel drive, the trials include measuring soil compaction, soil shear strength and soil bulk density. As for high clearance prime mover and a paddy transplanter, the measured parameters were slip and machine sinkage. Based on the preliminary trial results, the maximum soil compaction was 1.3 MPa at 40 cm depth and the steel tracked tractor slightly increased soil compaction while causing no damage to the hardpan and did not damage the soil hardpan layer. The result for slippage and sinkage, high clearance prime mover obtained slippage of 3.3% using wooden shoes and sinkage of less than 30 cm, while the paddy transplanter obtained slippage of 11% using steel shoes and sinkage of less than 30 cm.

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