The development of direct headspace sampling and analysis of volatile organic compounds from broiler litter

Parent Category: 2023

Sashikala, M. P.1* and Richard, M. S.2

As global population continue to expand, poultry production has increased to supply high quantities of chicken meat to
consumers. Suburbia encroachment on rural landscapes has resulted in increased odour complaints from public. Wastes
produced of livestock facilities are major cause of odour complaints received. Often assessment of odour complaint
and regulating odour nuisance become great challenge due to inaccurate identification and evaluation odorants emitting
of sources. In Malaysia air quality determination is often conducted based on MS 1963:2007. The aim of this study
is to develop a reliable, simple, fast and cost efficient methodology to determine and characterise odorous volatiles
from broiler litter material utilising headspace sampling combined with thermal desorption, gas chromatography –
mass spectrometry and olfactory detection.This combined sensory/chemical analysis technique has identified 11 major
odorants including reduced sulphurs, ketones, carboxylic acids, terpenes and alcohols compared to sorbent technique
that identified only 4 odorants. The knowledge obtained from this assessment will assist in developing effective odour
abatement and mitigation techniques to reduce odour impact to local receptors.

Keywords: odour, headspace sampling, agricultural, broiler

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