Effect of stocking densities and perches on broiler performance
Effects of time of second nitrogen application on rice yield and yield components
Radiographic technique for assessing postharvest grain losses
Postharvest management of cocoa pod borer
Partial submergence and field capacity interactions in transplanted rice
Oestrus response and fertility of suckled Kedah-Kelantan (KK) cows following oestrus synchronization using cloprostenol and a progesterone-releasing intravaginal device
Mineral composition and nutritive value of tropical forage legumes as affected by shade
Floral biology of three mango clones in relation to their pollination efficiency
The potential of long bean and cucumber as intercrops with ginger on Malaysian peat
Injury of Kensington mangoes stored in polyethylene bags
Insect species of stored cocoa beans in Peninsular Malaysia
Induction of parturition in swine with dinoprost tromethamine
Pengeringan ikan merah masin
The response of groundnut to inoculation at field sites in Peninsular Malaysia
Ground water potential for supplemental irrigation for new rice growing areas in Bertam
Persistence of granular endosulfan in padi-field water and its implications
Effects of gamma radiation on mortality and sterility of some storedproduct beetles
Drying treatments in relation to seed germination of four papaya varieties
Studies on sclerotic layer hardness of cocoa pods
The chemical Yozuso and its effects on tauge
Chemical fractionation of ferrum, manganese, zinc and copper in agricultural soil sample from Ranau, Sabah, Malaysia
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